About Me

Thank you for stopping by. I see myself as a dreamer and nomad at heart. I never really planned to become a wedding photographer. My interest for photography grew from a love for travel while exploring new places and cultures. The beautiful complexity between people, emotions and places always fascinated me.

I love that weddings allow me to have a peek into people’s life for one day. I find it incredibly rewarding to be trusted to tell people's story on one of the most important days of their life. If you let me be part of your journey, I would love to immortalise your memories in a way that is honest, raw and timeless.

Although I grew up in Belgium, I moved to Australia in 2007 and today I feel very lucky to call the Blue Mountains my home with my wife Nastia, our gorgeous daughter Mia and our cat Frida. As my relatives all live in Belgium, we take this opportunity to regularly travel to Europe during summer time to see them and also photograph a limited number of destination weddings.

Some of my favourite destinations to date are Morocco, India, Tasmania and Siberia.

Portrait of Damien Milan by Bayly & Moore.

My Work


My work can be described as raw, cinematic, emotive and timeless. When documenting people's stories, I like to take the back seat and play the role of a quiet observer. Light is the core of my work and I am always up for experimenting with it in an intentional and artful way.

When you look back through the photographs of your wedding day I want you to feel all the emotion of the day through the subtle details and overlooked moments that made it so special.

I photograph weddings because I love to share this amazing day with couples so if you connect with my work and would like to welcome me into your world for a day or so, I would love to hear from you!


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Kind Words

— James & Liana

— Rosie & Jake

Sydney — Australia

Glenbrook — Australia

— Matt & Emily

Sydney — Australia

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