When we visited The Ned the day before Emmie and Matt’s wedding, we immediately knew that it would be the perfect playground to satisfy our craving for cinematic light and old moody interiors. There is something about this building that transports you back in time and when you add a couple as fun and adventurous as Emmie and Matt, you know you are about to witness an unforgettable day.

      Follow the story below to drool over one of the most epic dresses that we’ve ever seen and to check out how the pair exchanged their vows in a sumptuous, candle-lit tapestry room filled with fresh garden flowers. There was not a single dull moment in this day, and we have the photographs of Central London lost in purple smoke and guests dancing on the tables at dinner to prove it!

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      Are those balloons in the dance floor?? or were those pink and gold balls suspended from the ceiling???

      Suspended from the ceiling